Visual Search – Images for a Better Search Experience

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Visual Search – Images for a Better Search Experience

Gone are the days when plain text used to be the only option to look for information on search engines. Nowadays, people have started using images as search query inputs to quickly find information related to the image or similar images. Innovations are being made to enhance the visual search experience of users by using Artificial Intelligence.

The retail industry will benefit the most from visual search. It helps to enable frictionless retail experiences to buyers by allowing them to shop the look. This means buyers can search with influencer’s photo or with the snapped picture of a person and find the exact product or the relevant ones.

How Visual Search Works?

Like text-based search, visual search also interprets and understands a user’s query which in this case is an image and finally delivers the relevant search results. AI is used to detect elements in an image which are then used to identify and show similar images.

Text-based search forces people to think hard to get their search query right and find what they are looking for. But visual search powered by AI helps to interpret images and take visual cues from it thereby reducing the burden for the searcher.

Optimizing Images for Better Search Experience

Structured Data

Use of structured data helps to take the visual search experience to an entirely new level. It helps the visual search engines to return more relevant results by allowing them to more accurately scan a web page content.

Image Categorization

Tagging and annotation of images help to improve the image search experience. Labeling and categorization of images help to surface the best images for searchers and makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Alt Attributes

In addition to improving the accessibility of images, a descriptive alt text helps the search engines to understand the image better and provide the relevant search results.

Image Quality

The quality of the image has to be good enough for the visual search engines to see the individual components within an image and the image shouldn’t be pixelated.

At Data Labeler, we combine technology with human care to provide image annotations and video annotations with pixel-level accuracy. Our data labelers maintain quality while processing & labeling the image data which can be used efficiently for various AI and ML initiatives.

Visual Search – Images for a Better Search Experience

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