Top 5 Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence


Top 5 Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

As per research by Gartner in 2016, about 30% of companies will be using Artificial Intelligence in at least one part of their sales process. But if you are wondering how AI can benefit your business, then this blog is for you.

There is a myriad of possibilities by which your business can benefit from AI. It can make your operations more efficient and eliminate those mundane tasks that slow down your business.

Here are the top 5 business applications of AI;


AI can play an essential part in your business’s cybersecurity defense strategy. Even though it cannot address all issues in your cybersecurity system for now, but still, it can play a major role in data protection.

AI continuously monitors and analyzes your system for normal behavior and reports any suspicious activity as and when it takes place. In business applications such as financial systems, it can detect any anomalies related to user behavior.


AI offers support to healthcare providers while taking decisions in case of critical medical events by preventing errors and documenting them in real-time for further analysis.

It can help doctors in diagnosis by letting them know when the patient’s condition is deteriorating or when the patient needs medical intervention. Machine Learning especially can be used to detect cancer in the earlier stages thus helping to save lives.


Finding qualified employees is one of the difficult tasks of recruitment. Employers can harness the power of AI-powered recruitment tools to unearth the right candidates who may not have surfaced initially but are qualified for the role. Automating a few aspects of recruitment allows the recruiters to spend quality time with the potential hires which help to simplify the hiring process.


Businesses can leverage AI to transform their security and network infrastructure and balance the workload of their systems. The ability of AI to function without human intervention helps to improve the efficiency of a company’s IT infrastructure.

In case of multiple failures of your business systems, AI can find out the root cause for it which otherwise is difficult to find due to human limitations to analyze information. This aids in preventive maintenance and prevents any such events from occurring in the future.


AI-driven intelligent chatbots and voice bots are being used to answer frequently asked questions, aid users in hotels with concierge services and even assist in shopping for products. This has been largely possible due to developments in deep learning and neural networks.

Chatbots help businesses in collecting data and deliver flexible and smart analytics through conversations with customers using voice-activated or standard messaging interfaces. This helps to take care of the increasing data needs of the businesses and streamlines the way analysts go about their work.

AI helps to transform every aspect of the business. Hence as a business leader, if you have to withstand the competitive market and stay ahead of your competitors, it is best to leverage this cutting-edge technology to the fullest.

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Top 5 Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

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