Computer Vision

Object Recognition

Object detection is a part of Computer Vision technology that helps in identifying and locating objects in videos or images. Humans can easily locate and recognize objects of interest within few seconds. Similarly, object detection algorithms locate instances of objects in a given image thereby allowing machines to replicate the human vision. Object detection and […]

New Trends in AI & Sports

New Trends in AI & Sports Artificial Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that empowers machines to perform tasks which would normally require human intelligence such as decision making, speech recognition, and visual perception. It has had an impact on various industries from the past few years and the sports industry is no exception. It can […]

Cuboid Annotation – Annotating 3D Objects with 2D Data

Cuboid Annotation – Annotating 3D Objects with 2D Data Building a 3D representation of the world from 2D images is one of the major concerns in Computer Vision. The initial step that helps to achieve this is annotating 3D objects with 2D data using Cuboids. What is Cuboid Annotation? Cuboid Annotation is the task of […]