Polygons for Instance and Semantic Segmentation


Efficient and Accurate Polygonal Annotation Services for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Projects

Data Labeler offers both semantic & instance segmentation with polygons for image analysis tasks. Our semantic segmentation services help to classify regions in an image into specific object categories with precision and accuracy..
We offer instance segmentation services that help to mark category annotations for pixels in an image and also label them as a specific instance of a particular object class.
Our team of engineers develops high-quality polygonal annotations that can easily detect coarse and asymmetrical objects in images and videos.

Use Cases

  • To power the future of self-driving cars
Assign semantic labels such as a car, road, person, etc., to power autonomous vehicular models.
  • Drone Navigation
Teaching drones to easily navigate through trees, around birds and rooftops.
  • Training Robots
Equips robots to tackle new horizons like manufacturing and healthcare

The Data Labeler Advantage

  • Assured Quality
Data Labeler offers best-in-class polygon annotation services with the highest level of accuracy. Our focus is to deliver excellence in providing labeled data through multi-level quality checks.
  • Cost-Effective
We offer cost-effective polygon annotation services which help to minimize the cost of your Computer Vision projects.
  • Scalable
We offer a fully scalable service by utilizing our huge workforce that helps to deliver industry-leading quality datasets in quick turnaround time.

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