New Trends in AI & Sports

New trends in AI and Sports

New Trends in AI & Sports

Artificial Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that empowers machines to perform tasks which would normally require human intelligence such as decision making, speech recognition, and visual perception. It has had an impact on various industries from the past few years and the sports industry is no exception. It can be applied to almost all areas of sports from predicting game plan to coaching the players and assisting in winning the game.

Here are some new trends in AI and Sports:

Machine Referee

AI has already been used to assist referees when giving out judgments in tennis matches about whether the ball was in or out. But they have not completely replaced humans. Advancements in AI will lead to a situation where AI technology will fully replace the human element involved in officiating sports matches. Computer vision helps the machines to analyze the video footage in real-time and make judgments more effectively and quickly.

AI Coaches

Artificial Intelligence can assist coaches in developing and improvising game strategies. This can be achieved by training machines to fully understand the game. While devising a game plan, AI can help to predict the chances of winning for diverse game tactics. AI can also provide coaches and players with data on common mistakes and helps them to analyze the data with improved accuracy and enhances their game at a faster rate.

Automated Press

AI helps to pick up highlights of a match and can distribute it to television broadcasters. Its capabilities have been extended to the print media as well where AI can generate pieces of content related to sports. Since most of the sports-related news is stats-based, AI can structure these data and convert it into an article automatically with ease.

Sports Chatbots

Chatbots can be used to answer the queries of fans which can range from franchise history and team stats to player stats. It helps the event organizers to communicate with people about the sporting event and helps in managing the event logistics.

Engaging Fans

Artificial Intelligence can be used to enhance the gaming experience for the fans. Using this technology, fans can be provided with better and faster access to video clips and highlights of the live matches which in turn keeps them excited throughout the game. AI can be used to streamline the security checks and also assist in providing expedited lanes for fans entry into stadiums.

AI will continue to impact the sports industry and as the technology improves, it will play a major role in enhancing the capabilities of the sporting events at the highest levels.

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New Trends in AI & Sports

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