Data Labeling Services


Data Labeling Services

Data labeling involves the process of tagging data with specific labels that helps to identify certain properties or classifications or characteristics of objects contained within an image or a video. The process comprises of tasks such as annotation, tagging, transcription or processing of data.

Labeled data highlights data features such as properties, classifications or characteristics that help to discover underlying patterns for identifying a target. This is particularly useful in building Computer Vision models. Data labeling helps to curate data for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications.

Data Labeler is one of the top data labeling companies in Philadelphia that offers the following services:

1. Bounding Boxes for Object Detection

Bounding box annotation mainly helps in the detection, localization, and classification of objects in images and videos. We at Data Labeler specialize in detecting objects through the 2D box and 3D cuboid annotations and help you in detecting objects of interest with high-quality and precision. By leveraging our data annotation services, you can build world-class Computer Vision models.

Use Cases

  • Object Detection – Detecting lanes, potholes, pedestrians, traffic, etc. for training autonomous vehicular models
  • E-Commerce – Autonomously tag furniture, clothes & accessories for training visual search models in E-commerce.
  • Insurance Claims – Training ML models to detect the degree of damage like identifying roof or car damage during accidents for insurance claims.

2. Polygons for Semantic Segmentation & Instance Segmentation

For image analysis tasks, Data Labeler offers semantic segmentation and instance segmentation with polygons. With Semantic segmentation services, we will help you classify regions within an image into specific object categories. In the case of instance segmentation, we help you in producing pixel-level category annotations along with specific instances of particular object classes. With our polygonal data annotation services, we will help you achieve accurate segmentation.

Use Cases

  • Self Driving Cars – Assigning semantic labels like road, person, car or sky to train the autonomous driving models.
  • Drone Navigation – Teaching drones to easily navigate through trees and around birds & rooftops.
  • Training Robots – Equips robots to tackle new horizons like manufacturing and healthcare

3. Points for Facial Recognition and Body Pose Detection

Integrating facial recognition and body pose detection has never been as simple as it is today. Data Labeler offers key points for facial recognition that enables your ML models to analyze a series of face related attributes like age, gender, head pose, smile intensity, emotion, eye status, ethnicity, and others. Our body pose detection services help you to train your ML models to identify and track a person’s body position.

Use Cases

  • Self-detecting Surveillance’s – Automatically spot a particular face from a crowded surveillance video
  • Hospitality – Improve functionality and security at hotel room entrance and automation of the check-in process.
  • Coaching Sportsperson – To create AI-powered coaches for the fitness and sports industry
  • Improving Airlines – Streamline the workflows at airports with improved speed for check-in & departures and reduced queues.

4. Texts for Image Captioning

Data Labeler helps to create datasets consisting of image caption annotations which are pulled across from millions of web pages. This ensures accuracy, a wider variety of image-caption styles and helps you to train your automatic image captioning models easily given the challenging nature of the task.

Use Cases

  • Helping the Visually Impaired – Describe images to people who have low vision or blind and rely on sounds & text for describing a scene
  • Enhancing Videos – Describes the happenings in a video in real-time
  • Making Web Content Accessible – Image description can be heard or seen when loading images is prohibited due to slow internet speeds.

5. Select for Image Classification

We provide datasets that empower your models to characterize an image and classify it efficiently and effectively. Data Labeler can categorize photos and images at large scale with accuracy.

Use Cases

  • Ecommerce Tagging – Train your models on how to categorize a product using its images.

6. Multi-Select for More Complex Image Classification

We classify images based on multi-level taxonomies. Data Labeler offers data in a structured format and this helps you train your models on complex image classification.

Use Cases

  • Landscape Classification – Classify landscape into the water, agricultural lands and forest.

About Data Labeler

At Data Labeler, we offer world-class video annotation services and specialize in producing best-in-class training datasets for building ML-based Computer Vision models. Reach out to us at for best-in-class data labeling services in New York.

Data Labeling Services

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