Bounding Boxes

Bounding Boxes for Object Detection


Best Bounding Box Annotation Services for Object Detection in Machine Learning

Bounding box annotation helps in object detection, localization, and classification in videos and images. It helps to identify objects by drawing a box around the objects within an image. The image is marked as per the custom requirements of data-scientists and mostly involves drawing a box as close to the edges of the objects as possible.

What Data Labeler Offers?

Data Labeler helps to detect objects by annotating 2D boxes and 3D cuboids around objects of interest with a precision and high-quality. Using our solution, you can build state-of-the-art ML-based Computer Vision models.

Use Cases

  • Object detection for training autonomous vehicles
Being one of the most commonly used image annotation techniques, it plays a major role in training autonomous vehicle models by tagging entities like vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and other obstacleswithin a traffic image.
  • Autonomous Tagging in E-commerce
Autonomous tagging of clothes, furniture & fashion accessories for training the visual search ML models in E-commerce.
  • Damage Detection for Insurance Claims
Train Machine Learning models to detect the degree of damage such as identification of car or roof for insurance claims.

The Data Labeler Advantage

  • Assured Quality
Our expert data labelers provide the best-in-class image labeling solution that delivers accurately labeled data tobuild your world-class Computer Vision projects.
  • Cost-Effective
We offer cost-effective bounding box annotation services without compromising on accuracy.
  • Enterprise Scale
Data Labeler is ably supported by a team of more than 1000 full-time image annotators to provide highest-quality labeled data for enterprise-scale projects.

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