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Unethical Practices among few Labeling Companies

Unethical Practices among few Labeling Companies Enterprises across multiple verticals like agriculture, retail, entertainment, and robotics, all rush to apply AI to their business operations. Lately, they have been continuously overcoming their ongoing obstacles over data labeling at scale. Business enterprises today are flooded with the need for the production of usable data. They do not […]

The Digital Divide that is being caused by Artificial Intelligence

The Digital Divide that is being caused by Artificial Intelligence “Diffusion of Innovation,” a book by Everett Rogers, explains the conditions needed for new ideas and technologies which are easy to outspread throughout society. There he raised the issue of unintended consequences. The tremendous benefits of innovation could result in unintentional negative effects, which would […]

AI in Healthcare

AI in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence has smartly transformed industries around the globe and has the potentiality to alter the field of Healthcare which is ready for some serious changes. From radiology and risk assessment to chronic diseases and cancer, there are numerous opportunities for leveraging technology and deploying more precise, efficient, and strong interventions in […]

A Simple Guide to Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that helps machines understand natural language and enables interaction between machines and humans using the natural language. NLP helps the machines to read, understand and manipulating human language in a valuable way. How NLP Works? The first step in NLP depends on the type of application […]

Top 5 Machine Learning Trends to Watch in 2021

Machine Learning has started revolutionizing the way industries perform in the recent years and in 2020, we saw few tremendous advancements in ML/AI technologies. In 2021, these advancements will be leveraged to create cutting-edge and innovative solutions that will help business thrive and succeed in the age of automation. In this blog, we are going […]

AI for Online Content Moderation

More and more people are exploring various online platforms that allow for uploading user-generated content. Every day millions are uploading content either in the form of blogs, images, or videos to online platforms. Some are even making a living out of user-generated content and have made online platforms an integral part of their lives. But […]

Attention Mechanism in Deep Learning

The introduction of Attention Mechanism has revolutionized the way we work with deep learning models. It is one of the most valuable developments that has given rise to many recent advancements in Natural Language Processing like the Transformer model and Google’s BERT. In this blog, we will explore the concepts behind Attention and its types. […]

Transformers – A Deep Learning Model for NLP

The Transformer is a Deep Learning Model that was introduced in 2017 and is mainly used for Natural Language Processing Tasks. It is mainly designed to handle sequential data for carrying out tasks such as text summarization and translation. Let’s take a deep dive into its architecture and why it is considered better than the […]