Month: September 2019

How to Build, Train, Test, and Deploy a Machine Learning Model?

Building a Machine Learning model is just not enough. The ML model has to be trained, tested and deployed in a production environment to understand what value it provides in solving the real-world problems. In this article, we will explore the steps to build, train, test and deploy an ML model using a hypothetical object-detection […]

Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps companies by providing them the right tools to identify and manage key performance indicators, interact and explore data visually, and share the data with others and collaborate. Even though there are many benefits of Business Intelligence, companies have been slow in adopting it. Business Intelligence acts as an effective tool for viewing, […]

Myths of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has raised a lot of curiosity and excitement in recent times. What used to be a topic of discussions in academic institutions has now become a buzzword with everyone talking about it. Various industries have shown interest in adopting AI and its development is happening at a brisk pace. In addition to […]

Visual Search – Images for a Better Search Experience

Visual Search – Images for a Better Search Experience Gone are the days when plain text used to be the only option to look for information on search engines. Nowadays, people have started using images as search query inputs to quickly find information related to the image or similar images. Innovations are being made to […]